Swiss Dog Team Fast bed bugs detection, precise and economical.

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Bed Bugs Tracking in the Lemanic region and throughout Switzerland

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Why choose dogs to search for bed bugs?

Bed bugs is a spreading issue in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Canine detection is the most efficient mean, fast and precise, to block this increase. Bugs are not always visible to the naked eye and are able to hide in unreachable spots, such as inside household appliances, electric devices, furniture, rug, baseboards, etc. Due to its acute sense of smell, a well-trained dog can detect the bugs’ scent within seconds, as well as the larva and eggs’.

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The dog detects bed bugs in your enterprise or at home, as well as all of their hidden spots, larvas and eggs within minutes. A person would need several hours of labor to execute the same job.


«If they are here, we will find them!»
We will execute a precise detection by marking each infected zone with a sticker. Afterwards, you will obtain a detailed detection report.


If you need to plan a bed bugs’ extermination, you will save money on the final bill by showing disinfectors each precise zone, according to our diagnosis report.


Our dogs are trained in Switzerland with a successfully passed examination at the Bed Bug Foundation.

The results obtained by a trained dog searching for bed bugs is the most reliable and efficient mean on the market as of today

Using a dog’s smell to detect bugs has a reliability level of 97%, and reduces the final treatment’s cost as well as an eventual recidivism.

After each intervention, Swiss Dog Team gives you a control diagnosis.

Bites and itches after a journey away… are you suspecting bed bugs?