Who we are?

Based in the lemanic region, we operate throughout Switzerland.

Our dogs follow a 600-800 hours formation before meeting their handler. Afterwards, the dog and its handler are trained in pair for several months. At the end of the formation, each team has to obtain a certification from bedbugfundation.org. The examination’s failure rate is currently of 70%.

Why chose us?

1. Our dogs: have successfully passed the examination

2. The formation: ongoing, occurring 4 times a year.

3. Guaranteed quality: due to a regular examination every 12 months at most.

4. Prove: each dog handler has to certify its passed examination with an ID. The last examination has to have occured within the last 12 months.

5. Reliability: Swiss Dog Team has a complete trust in its patented dogs. Their findings are always right.

6. Race: all dogs are Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Ideal for the searching of bed bugs, with a high endurance.

7. Teams: at the moment we are able to operate on big surfaces with 5 pairs at once.

Our values

1. CERTIFIED TEAMS: Our dogs and their handlers must pass their examination within one of the Bed Bug Foundation’s european authority. The said exam has to be taken each year throughout the dog’s active life in order for it to keep its status as a professional working dog. You may ask for their certified ID in case one of our team must operate at your house, and head to the Bed Bug Foundation’s website to check their accreditation’s validity. In Swiss Dog Team, only handlers who invest as much time as money into their formation are allowed to perform.

2. IMPARTIAL SEARCH: Swiss Dog Team is not a disinfection company. Our performance is impartial and independent, which helps avoiding any conflict of interest. After our visit, we establish a detailed report that you can later transmit to a disinfection company you chose.

3. DISCIPLINE: A daily training and an ongoing formation every 3 months are essential in order to allow the dog to find bed bugs efficiently throughout its whole professional life. When a dog makes a mistake, the handler and the dog automatically lose their accreditation.

4. TRUST: We guarantee our clients irreproachable services: trust and search accuracy from our dogs are crucial.

5. DISCRETION: We also guarantee confidentiality during our interventions. Our vehicles are advertisement-free and the dog handler is dressed in civilian clothes.

6. RESPECTING THE ANIMALS: Respecting the dog and its comfort at work is our main preoccupation. We therefore always schedule resting time-spans through the day, in order to maintain the dog’s temperature as low as possible.

7. DISPONIBILITY: Our PHONE ASSISTANCE 7/7 as well as our will to help you result in the fact that we will try and set an appointment for the very same day.

8. ECOLOGY: Canine detection allows targeted interventions, hence minimizing a use of insecticide.

9. FORMATION AND ETHICS: Our dogs’ basic formation and ongoing formation, recognized by the Bed Bug Foundation, are based on a game-reward to reinforce a positive behavior.