Canine detection is the best method in bed bugs tracking

The dog has proven itself reliable. “Man’s best friend” has been used since 1926 for olfactory detection by military and police brigades.

The detection teams Swiss Dog Team are more reliable and careful than other methods: we do not disassemble nor move any furniture, and find the bed bugs’ hiding spots fast.

Why use dogs?

Bed bugs are spreading fast through Switzerland.
The canine detection is the fastest method, as well as being the most precise and economical.
Bed bugs are not always visible to the naked eye and usually hide in unreachable spots such as inside electronic devices or furniture. A trained dog is able to detect those spots in only a few seconds due to its acute sense of smell.

The nose

People usually work using their sight but dogs primarily use smells. A dog’s nose has over 220 million olfactory receptors and its sense of smell is over 1200 times superior to that of a human.

The honesty

A dog is an honest worker: during a track, its only goal is to find the insects as fast as possible.

The speed

A complete room inspection done by a human would take approximately an hour, with less than 50% hiding spots controlled. For a qualified dog, it would only take a few minutes to control over 90% of the hiding spots.


A trained dog can inspect a room with 98% reliability, whereas a qualified person would only reach 50% reliability.

The economy

Added to the dog’s speed, you would also gain time regarding the furniture/devices disassembling and assembling, as well as a diminution of the surfaces in need of a treatment – in case of a presence of bed bugs.

The ecology

Given the fact canine detection can localize precise infected spots, it hence reduces a potential use of insecticides.

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